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What is sweet perfection?

When I first heard the words “I am sweet perfection” gallop through my mind, I thought: “I can’t say that! People will think I am conceited.” After checking in with my inner wisdom I learned that being sweet perfection is anything but conceited. Sweet perfection is being your authentic self and knowing you are enough exactly as you are right now. This was a radical shift in my self-concept.

Let’s back up a bit. I’ll share a little bit about my life up until several months ago. I do this not to impress you but rather to illustrate that I had been living my life in proving energy, chasing the next achievement, hoping that sooner or later one of them would be the one that made me feel complete.

I lived a lot of my life as a high achiever: I finished high school in three years while participating in a multitude of activities and graduating eleventh in my class. I went on to college where I graduated summa cum laude. Then I went to business school while I worked full time. Next, while being one of the youngest people in my field to work as a Bursar, I decided I should pursue my CPA.

In the fall of 2011, I called my mother in tears telling her that even though I was two-thirds of the way through my academic requirements for my CPA I didn’t think it was a good fit for me. My Auditing course was brutal! I asked her if she would love me if I didn’t earn my CPA. She told me that she would probably love me more if I didn’t earn my CPA because I would be happy and healthy. She said something that made me want to scream and kick then and proved valuable upon further reflection: “Marina, you are a human being, not a human doing.”

I was delighted when a friend gave me this t-shirt and said it sounded like something I would say.

I had been trying to measure my life and it’s worth by all the things I could do in a day and the accolades I could earn. I did it at the expense of my health and I did it because I didn’t know any better. Exhausted and frustrated, I embarked on a journey to learn and live what it means to be human. It turns out that all the things I had done up until this point hadn’t created a sense of meaning and purpose in my life. This is not to say that they were not worthy achievements. Rather in hindsight I can say that they were done without a vision in mind. Each time I earned a degree or promotion I didn’t feel any sense of excitement or accomplishment, I was already on to the next thing. I didn’t know what I desired to be creating or expressing in the world; I was do-do-doing to compensate.

In February 2013 my inner wisdom gifted me this affirmation: “I am sweet perfection in the package I am in.  Lovingly nurturing myself and tending to my desires amplifies my radiant essence. I shine my beautiful light in the world.” I invite you to try it on and see if it resonates for you. Today my journey is about knowing that my worth is innate because I am alive and life is moving and expressing itself through me. Sweet perfection is my birthright and yours. This is the space where I will be sharing my adventures in being and receiving, healing and evolving, living and loving.