Monthly Archives: December 2013


I awoke to an insight about the distinction between improving and expanding. You were created as a whole perfect being. The journey of life is to return to your wholeness and know your sweet perfection. You do not need to improve or fix yourself. You may find that there are experiences you desire because they expand your perception of your capacities.

Lately I’ve been enjoying yoga. It expands my capacity to feel life flowing in and through me as I learn to receive and follow my breath. It expands my awareness of and connection to my physical body. During a recent five day juice cleanse, I tuned into my body and learned she has separate and distinct needs and desires from the needs and desires of my mind.

I realized it had been years since I had known physical hunger. I’d been feeding my emotional hunger for so long that I didn’t know if my body was hungry or satiated. I learned that a little hunger doesn’t hurt at all and waiting until I’m hungry to eat dramatically expands my capacity to enjoy food when I do eat.

The juice cleanse has been a pleasant reset experience. During the five days I expected to have such clarity that I’d created a long to do list of mental tasks. My body simply said “No, thank you.” She craved rest, walks in nature, yoga, and more sleep than I’d allowed myself in some time.

At first my mind argued and then my body prevailed. This is an important lesson for me. I’ve been a chronic doer. Learning to be has been a beautiful unfolding. There’s been resistance and when I work through it, gorgeous expansion. Coming into greater give and take between my mind and body is a daily practice.

At first I wanted the physical benefits of weight loss and increased strength and flexibility. While these have been welcome side effects, I see they are not the purpose. I do not need to be improved. I am sweet perfection in the package I am in. My desire is to feel a sense of expansion, grace, and zest in everything I experience.

Lovingly nurturing myself and tending to my desires amplifies my radiant essence. Giving my body loving attention through yoga, juice cleansing, and walking in the fresh air helps me to connect to a dynamic stillness. My mind doesn’t always quiet itself but it sometimes allows my body to take the lead. In these moments of relative balance I feel my spirit move. I shine my beautiful light in the world.

How could shifting your attention from improving to expansion change your relationship with yourself and your body?